Marriage Is A Gift From God

Marriage is a gift from God and God’s gift is human love given so that a husband and wife can know each other with mutual care and companionship. God’s gift is also joy, given so you may share your new life together with your family and your friends.

Marriage is a promise of love, and it is a commitment to live to the best that you can find and bring out of each other. It offers opportunity for sharing and growth no other human relationship can equal, a physical and emotional joining that is promised for a lifetime.

Within the circle of its love, marriage encompasses all of life’s most important relationships. A wife and a husband are each other’s best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, listener and critic.

Marriage understands and forgives the mistakes that life is unable to avoid. It encourages and nurtures new life, new experiences, and new ways of expressing love through all the many seasons of life.

When you, pledge to love and care for each other in marriage, you create a spirit unique to yourselves, which binds you closer than any spoken or written words can ever do. Marriage is a promise, made in your two hearts; you who are in love with each other and who willingly will nurture and fulfill that promise for the rest of your lifetime together.

Pressure Can Lead To A Lack Of Peace

One of the greatest challenges that I face personally, on a regular basis, is “letting go” and “letting God”. The reason is simple. As a person who is the continual state of Spiritual Recovery, I find the challenge of not being in control difficult. Ironically, I find that trying to be in control of all my situations is equally difficult. It is important when dealing with spiritual recovery to be as honest and forthright about one’s perceptions and feelings as is possible. There are times when I want to look up to Heaven, smile and just function in the “O.k., You take care of it. It’s your problem now” model. Then, like a snake that enters from the tiniest hole, the thoughts about past discouragements enter the mental fray. And in a twisted fashion, it feels like, from time to time, when I have let go in my past, things quickly fell apart. Even as I write these very words, my spirit and my heart know that these spewed ideologies are false. However, the enemy, the devil, is wise in dealing with humans. After all, he’s been doing it since the beginning of mankind and has had a great deal of practice. While my spirit knows that letting go and trusting in God’s control and sovereignty is not only wise but is the true path to peace, my flesh feels like I need to be in control to protect myself, as much as possible, from being hurt or burned.  I have not, by any means, ever grown one inch, apart from the grace and kindness of God. In my mind, I feel stronger, more astute, and even more aware. But I also feel more of the pressure of life itself. I often tease with my spouse by implying the death blow that everyone would feel if I were to vanish. But as much as it seems to be true to me, it is also false. People, because of God’s grace, have an uncanny knack for survival. And if I were to be called to the Heavenlys, all the current dependers would go right on surviving, without, as is now my guess, missing a beat in life. Therefore, the pressures to prevail and the pressures to perform are based on false assumptions of others being situation ally dependent upon me. The truth is that everyone is continually dependent on God. For, without Him, there would be no survival of anyone, of any kind, anywhere. People don’t need me to survive. They need God. I would do well to humble myself and remember this. So, truthfully, when I let go, I simply enter into the mode or zone of truth that I was designed to function in. It’s hard to stay in because I walk in my flesh a great deal. It’s desirable to walk in because of my born again spirit crying out for rest within God Himself. Letting go and letting God is the way of truth. Because of my frame, it is also a realized pain of failing. Trusting in Him to provide for all things, and to help us to prevail in all things, is truly…where the path of peace is.

The 2 Rules Book

The 2 Rules Book (50 Subjects)


If God broke down our lives with Him and with others in 2 rules, it stands to reason that every other subject for living could and should be able to be summed up in 2 rules.


1) Love God with all you heart, souls, strength, and mind.

2) Love your neighbor as yourself.


1) Communication. Talk, share, listen, ask questions…be a friend. Be a person.

2) Love Making. Fulfill fantasies. Don’t let your spouse’s desires & needs go unfulfilled.


1) Be a friend. It’s foolish that a parent shouldn’t have a friendship with their child. 2) Be a parent. It’s foolish to think that a parent is just a friend.


1) Treat your animals with love, respect, dignity, and appreciation.

2) Remember, that your animal is still an animal and not a person.



1) Support your convictions.

2) Remember, every person is a sinner.


1) Respect your elders.

2) Spend time with your elders because they won’t always be around.


1) Never ignore your children.

2) Never let your children ignore you.


1) Enjoy the various forms of art of your choosing.

2) Don’t make fun of other people’s choices.


1) Have faith.

2) Use faith (Faith is used in the now).



1) Stand up for yourself amongst them.

2) Die to defend them.



1) In order to have a friend: be a friend.

2) Don’t take your friends for granted.



1) When visiting, don’t stay too long.

2) Don’t act like you are visiting.


1) Find a place to call home.

2) Don’t hurt your home in any way.


1) Understand that it is His Word.

2) Believe His Word


1) No prayer is ever ignored.

2) Sometimes, the answer is “NO”.


1) Find a sport and a team to support.

2) Don’t be a fair-weathered fan.


1) Watch less murder shows.

2) Don’t be owned by the television.


1) Listen in order to sing or argue.

2) Don’t believe everything you hear.


1) Explore the vast resources that are available.

2) Be skeptical of every advertisement.


1) Remember that the cover is used to sell you.

2) Try reading more of a variety than you are now.


1) Every story is written with a bias.

2) Buying a newspaper is still a great bargain.




1) Read more of them because they help you think better.

2) Buy your books at bargain centers.


1) Agendas are always in play.

2) Question those who tell you to question.


1) Enjoy it …if you can.

2) Despite the gurus, you still need to have a paycheck and to pay your bills.


1) Don’t be a noisy neighbor.

2) Don’t be a nosy neighbor.


1) If you don’t exercise at all, you will feel the neglect.

2) Physical fitness will not solve life’s problems.


1) Save more than you spend.

2) Credit can be very dangerous.


1) Behold the majesty and vastness of the universe.

2) Go explore it in some fashion.



1) Please leave the room.

2) Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean everyone else wants to share.



1) Never limit anyone’s imagination.

2) Never promote the dark side either.


1) Science should be known as the pursuit of knowledge, not knowledge itself.

2) Science will never answer all the questions


1) Use it as a tool and a help.

2) Never bow down, hoard, or love it.




1) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2) Most people’s eyes are tainted.


1) Enjoy!

2) Don’t “Enjoy” too much.


1) No secrets …mean no lying.

2) Everyone has secrets.


1) Is not always hardest on the kids.

2) Should be the absolute very “last” resort.


1) Can be questioned.

2) Should not be questioned with disrespect.


1) Does not kill enthusiasm.

2) Can become legalism.


1) Are most often about money.

2) If it’s not about money, then it’s about sex, power, or fame.


1) Should be celebrated.

2) Birthday people should have one special event or communication in the day.


1) Governments are necessary for society.

2) Governments are mostly run by selfish individuals.


1) Are to be honored and respected.

2) Do not make better politicians.


1) Need to be more appreciated and compensated.

2) Do not need to be union like or political.





1) Need to be safe and reliable.

2) Need to have better operators driving them.



1) Can be the backbone of starting a new life or recovery.

2) Everybody rents. Ask God.


1) Can often have too much pride.

2) Can often have too little pride.


1) Should be responsible and accountable.

2) Need to be given a break.


1) Can be entertaining and helpful.

2) Are often neither.


1) Should be with a good heart.

2) Should never be self-motivated.



1) Should never die.

2) Should be the anchor to our souls.