A Picture, Or A dream, …Is Worth A 1000 Words!

I had a dream when I was a younger Christian. It was the time in my life when my brother Billy and I shared a two bedroom apartment. In fact, it was the first place I moved to, and the first time I was living away from my parents. I remember that it was late at night, close to midnight.

I just finished reading the book of Galatians in the Bible. I had read it several times before and probably had just finished it for the ninth or tenth time. After reading it, I put my Bible away, and I looked up to God. Honest, without any prideful awareness, I mentioned that “I got it”. I didn’t mean it in a way that was degrading to Divinity. I was simply sharing with the Lord that I understood it all and it wasn’t too complex.

A few moments later, I went to bed. As I was sleeping, I had the following dream: I was out on a lake in a small boat.

(Picture something like a small row boat.) And I was fishing. For the record, I never go fishing, so some of these details seem to really stick out to me. I was on a body of water, the size of a small natural lake, with trees and common surroundings at the shore edges. It wasn’t a perfectly shaped lake. It seemed like one of ten thousand small lakes that a person may see. I was in the boat by myself, and it seemed to be early morning, with a touch of fog lifting itself slowly off the water. I was dressed in casual clothes, but no actual fishing gear. I don’t even think I had a hat on. I was holding a regular looking fishing pole (whatever that means) and I had a line that was in the water. It was down about six feet or so.

All of a sudden, I could see myself in the boat from a side point of view. And I was going under the water, looking at myself with the line. Then, in an instant, I was plunged down to around two hundred feet! The Lord spoke to me and said;

“This is where you were at, (referring to my six feet of fishing, )

But this is how deep it can go!! ” Remember, I was dreaming.

But somehow, I was conscience of the fact that God was personally teaching me something. That dream ended and the rest of the night, my mind was moving a thousand miles an hour, with dream after dream and thought after thought. Equations, patterns, plans, concepts… It was like the picture of heavy duty geographical, geometrical, …geo “everything” cal… running in my brain.

For five or six hours, my brain was moving at the most bizarre accelerated speed that you could even imagine. No joke.  I woke up the next morning, and I had the world’s biggest migraine headache… ever. All day long, my head was pounding like it was going to explode. It wasn’t until late the next night that the tension relaxed.

The lesson was fairly obvious, but definitely unforgettable. The Word was plenty deep. And I had barely scratched the surface of the water. And truth be told, the depth of the Word itself exceeds Man’s basic ability of comprehension. It’s understandable, but The Word can go a whole lot deeper than we shallow thinkers think. Actually, the experience gave me a new respect and reverence for God’s Word. It’s not just a bunch of good moral ideas and stories collected together for Human betterment. It’s the Supreme Being’s own writing. The Creator of Wisdom itself and there’s a lot more there than we are usually willing to look at or think about.

How amazing. This book that we call “the Bible” is the simplest, and, the most complex writings ever…all at the same time. Even that concept, in and of itself, is utterly amazing. So, go fishing. But don’t tell God you get it all. If you do, buy some aspirin because have you got a surprise coming your way…and such a headache…..

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