In the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to different people about the purpose of life. In my devotions today, I came a cross Acts 20:24 which quotes Paul regarding his purpose in life. His purpose in life should be our purpose in life too. He says that his life is worthless if he doesn’t find out what Jesus wants him to do and then does it. I believe that every person is created with a position in God’s plan. Our goal should be to find that position and then fill it. Certainly, that position will be different for each person. And being a part of God’s plan does not require everyone to be in full time ministry. It requires us to fulfill whatever the Lord sets before us. The mystery in life is, of course, finding out what that position really is. If a person doesn’t care about finding God’s plan for their life, they are lost. But for the people that want to know what they are suppose to be doing, there is a mystery attached to the fulfillment of that plan. God rarely tells us, in obvious format, what that plan is. The reason that He doesn’t just shout it out to us is simple. He wants us to pursue Him in relationship in order for us to discover what He wants us to do. We are supposed to find Him in order to discover the purpose of our creation. In finding Him in a close relationship, we discover our true fulfillment. It sounds easy, but in my travels, I have found it to be more difficult than I would prefer. One of the reasons that it is difficult is because my flesh had no desire to pursue or “find” God. Whenever a person is the center of their own universe, it means that God is not the center and therefore not the priority on a day by day basis. In essence, when we are the center of our world, we become our own god. The answer seems simple enough. Make sure that Jesus is the center of our individual universe. Then make sure to continually draw close to Him. Then by drawing close to Him we will discover His plan for our lives. Then with the discovery, we need to fulfill His purpose. Then we will find true happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. Wow!

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